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Welcome to chengdu, the spice capital of china, and the home of Hello Chengdu hostel. We will be sure to make your trip a memorable one, whether long or short!
We are a friendly english speaking team that provide a great service from airport collection, panda excursions as well as arranging trips around the sichuan province and further a field.

Previous customer comments
The rooms were so cozy and the garden was great. Dont forget to wake up.The panda tour leaves at 7:45.The downstairs was conducive for meeting other folks. To exchange travel stories,advice,languages,jokes.The staff is always sweet,like a fresh bought banana.
If youre here to play, you wont need to look far. The game room has PING PONG, and theres always the bar.If youre here to relax,upstairs you will find. Books and movies will help pass the time.
But if napping upstairs, you may be startled to meet. The worlds favorite dog CHOCOLATElicking your cheek.
Some days its sunny,others it rains.Thats Chengdu weather, and no-one complains.
So raise a glass to Sims,best guesthouse in Chengdu. I enjoyed my 6 nights here. And I know you will too.Thanks for making my last stop a memorable one!

Last but not least, the staff are always friendly and considerate to travellers. We always try our best to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Note; The owner of this hostel changed in Dec 2010. Please click here to find out abou the previous owner, the founder of Hello Chengdu Garden Hostel, Sim and Maki.

Hello Chengdu Staff
In our guesthouse, all of the staff are working together and living as a real family.
This atmosphere let you feel like you are at home.
Here we introduce some of our staff.



Wu Sisters



  Georgia   Sandy






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Hello Chengdu International Youth Hostel
Tel:(028)83355322 / (0)13330965557, Fax:++86 (0)28 83355322
Address:No.211 North Section 4, First Ring Rd., Chengdu, Sichuan, China 610081
Email: hellochengduhostel@hotmail.com